897f8064b26ab92af0aea3171e98630e.jpgWho am I

Hello, my name is Rene van de Kerkhof and I'm living in Utrecht.In my spare time I'm regularly drawing, video editing, creating animations, 3D modeling and design new ideas.

I also really like to increase my knowledge by following the latest technologies, gadgets and software.

I am very motivated and I am always pushing myself to a better goal.


3DMAX.jpg 3DsMax 2015
Aftereffects.jpg After Effects CC
Dreamweaver.jpg Dreamweaver CC
Encore.jpg Encore CC
Flash.jpg Flash CC
Illustrator.jpg Illustrator CC
Indesign.jpg Indesign CC
Photoshop.jpg Photoshop CC
PremierePro.jpg Premiere Pro CC