You heard it right, GraveyDesign is back with a new fresh look!
Some time ago I started to brainstorm about creating a new website for GraveyDesign.
First, I wanted to create a dynamic website, that runs smooth on all devices.

In the past I have had a lot of different designs, my first site was created entirely in Flash.
When I was a student I learned Flash, mainly to create animation there, but I saw in Flash all other possibilities.
While making my first website I used full Flash from the buttons to the content.
Which of course resulted in a heavy loading website.
I went back to the drawing board again and I started brainstorming about a new design.
Because I still have love for Flash, I was going to combine it between Flash and lower the loading times.
Each page was created in HTML but the animations and the buttons were completely in Flash.
This new look stayed a few months on my website.


In 2008 after graduating from Audiovisual designer, I went back to the drawing board to improve my website.
After many attemps on diffrent website tools I came into contact with concrete5.
Concrete5 is a CMS where you can create your own site in easy steps and shape it like how you wanted.
In this period I've patch it a few times on my site until the year 2013.
In 2013 I was designing a website entirely to my taste, and this was the new look for GraveyDesign.

New look
Now two years later I started to rethink a better, faster and more dynamic look for my website.

A website that is visible on every device.
And in 2015, I can proudly say that the new fresh look GraveyDesign has now officially launched.
And lets see what the future will bring.